I-40, Exit 20 Five stars
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Many of our visitors on Sundays for worship at The Pride Center are happy to receive this handy Bible Bookmark with all of the books of the Bible on reverse.

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Sunday Service with

Pastor Charles Shaver

Non-Denominational, Casual Attire, 10am-11am

Join us one and all. Pastor Charles Shaver, his family, and all of the Pride Resort Ministries family welcomes Maggie Valley and regional residents as well as travelers to join us each Sunday morning at 10am for Sunday service here in our beautiful valley at The Pride Center.

     Come on and all and enjoy the great fellowship, beautiful gospel music and a Sunday morning of inspiration in God’s country.

     We’ve designed our own website to provide support to all visitors—please visit us there as well: www.PrideRVResortMinistries.com. If you need a moment of inspiration, you’ll find it with us. If you’d like to view a sermon or hear a sermon while on the road or on your computer, table or smart phone, you can do that as well. Our purpose is simple—to spread goodwill, fellowship and the word of Our Lord to all who find solace in prayer and community.

     We hope you’ll visit with us, take time to meet members of the congregation and please let us know your thoughts on your experience with Pride Ministries. We’re here for you and your family, hoping to provide inspiration at a higher elevation.